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Chantel Cohen - CWC Team of Therapists in Atlanta

Phone number: +1 470.296.3090

CORPORATE PROGRAMS Counseling & Therapy

Select corporate clients who already trust us:


We are a minority-owned, premium executive leadership service that focuses on confidential therapeutic approaches for the career professional to bring alignment between individual purpose and the larger goals of the entrepreneur’s organization.

Our licensed therapists and certified coaches have worked with corporations such as the Coca-Cola Company, Google, Lenovo, and CARE, with a particular focus on minorities.

We spend time with each individual to connect their background and circumstances to the manner in which these factors surface in their output with regards to their workstyle and ethic.

We provide a therapeutic framework to support founders in order to help alleviate the mental stresses associated with being an entrepreneur while coaching for leadership performance.

In addition to doing one-on-one coaching and therapy, we also offer executive leadership workshops. These group sessions include topics such as:

  • Anxiety / Stress Management
  • Work / Life Integration
  • Time Management / Productivity / Delegation
  • What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?
  • Psychological Safety In the Workplace
  • Communication Tools and
  • Strategies for Managing Your Team
  • Strategies for Managing ADHD
  • Your Personal Life: Dating, Love, and Partnership for the Entrepreneur
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI personality test)


Corporate Services we provide:


  • Mental Health Services for Minority Founders
  • Mental Health Services for Founders and Entrepreneurs
  • Mental Health Services for Employee Retention


Minority Founders

Founders are particularly at risk, and when one adds in the economic impact associated with lost productivity due to common mental disorders…

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Accelerators provide many positive benefits to budding founders. From access to back-office systems to valuable mentors and networking …

Employee Retention

The importance of providing mental health support for employees is becoming increasingly evident, especially as a tool for retention.

To discuss how we can help you with your corporate mental health programs for your key staff please contact us using the button below. 

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Corporate Counseling

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