Signs of Mistrust In A Relationship

Trust is essential for a successful relationship. Mistrust can hinder that, but putting your trust in someone after you’ve been hurt is easier said than done. Listed below are a few signs of mistrust in a relationship.

You’re Snooping On Your Partner’s Phone/laptop

If you find yourself sneaking to check your partner’s phone/laptop , it’s likely that you’re concerned about who they’re talking to.

Asking For Proof For Everything

If you’re constantly asking your partner to show proof of where they were or who they’re communicating with on their phone, there’s a trust issue in your relationship.

Constantly Checking Their Social Media

Checking to see what recent pictures they’ve been tagged in, checking their friend’s page, checking to see who’s commenting on their pictures, or where they’re checking in- These are all signs that you don’t trust where your partner is going and who they’re communicating with. So much is hidden behind a password and that can drive a person crazy if they don’t have trust.

You Demand Their Passwords

Their social media pages, email, & even their texts & calls– you want access to all of it. If you’ve demanded your partner’s passwords to check up on who they’re communicating with, your trust in your partner could be very fragile.

You’re Intimidated By Every Attractive Person Around Your Partner

Examples of this are looking to see if your partner is staring at someone or asking your partner if they find someone attractive. This may be a waitress, your partner’s coworkers, or even friends.

It may even go as far as not trusting the relationship between your partner and their friend(s)/coworker or not trusting their motives. The mistrust could be due to past hurt from previous relationships, hurt from your current relationship, or even fear from seeing it happen to someone else. Whatever the situation, rebuilding trust is essential for ensuring your relationship can last.

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