Being Alone on Thanksgiving-How to cope

This year, between the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and having to work, many people won’t be traveling to see family for the holidays. Just the thought of this can feel weird, sad, and lonely. Though nothing can completely replace actually being with family, there are ways to stay connected to family this season. You just have to find one that works for you.

Video Calls

You’re probably tired of video calls by now, but video chatting really is the next best thing to physically being with family. There are apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Duo, Messenger, and others. You can even make it a little event so the anticipation builds. Send out multiple invites so people know when and where to log on. You can even plan activities for everyone to participate in via video. You could play games such as Charades, Pictionary, Would You Rather, Two Truths & A Lie, & Hangman or even open a video call and decorate your homes at the same time. These activities should make you feel less lonely and more connected.

Create A New Personal Holiday Tradition

You can use this opportunity to create a new holiday tradition for yourself. You could choose a new recipe to try or make a family favorite to enjoy on the day, pick a movie to watch complete with your favorite holiday snacks, or take a walk or jog at a serene outdoor location in your area. You can plan your whole day out to prevent boredom or sadness. All of this planning might feel uncomfortable or forced at first, but sometiems, you have to push through sadness to feel better (push through, not push away..there’s a difference). You may end up establishing a new favorite holiday activity that you really enjoy and want to continue.


It’s ok to acknowledge your feelings of sadness, loneliness, frustration (and maybe even anger). This year has been tough and the things we have to sacrifice due to COVID-19 just don’t seem fair. It’s ok if you aren’t having pleasant emotions. Acknowledge them (this will help you work through your expectations), accept what is, and move on with a plan to make the most of your day. These steps will help you be more present with the blessings of this season that are right in front of you. It’s important to always count your many blessings, not your many problems.

You don’t have to see Thanksgiving as a setback or something that is being taken away. You can choose to see it as a unique opportunity to create something beautiful and to reflect on all the good things still happening around us.

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