How to Live the Life You Really Want

Many people have long-lasting dreams and desires they’ve never accomplished. Perhaps the thought of going after that dream seems scary, difficult, so far away, and unattainable. The truth is accomplishing those dreams might be challenging, but the steps are quite simple. The life you really want to live is possible and attainable.

Decide What Kind of Life You Actually Want.

Before you can attain the life you desire, you must first ask yourself these questions: “What am I working toward?” and ” How do I define success?” For some people, success might mean having a flexible job that allows them to work from home. For others, it could mean being the boss of their own company, while others dream of building their dream house for their family. What are your wildest dreams? Your deepest desires? What have you always wanted to be and to do? What kind of life do you want to live?

Set Your Goals

Once you decide the kind of life you want to live, start setting goals. There are some specific goals that you could set to motivate yourself. Be sure to set clear, specific goals. After setting your goals, break them down into smaller goals. The smaller goals will help you reach your bigger goals. For example, let’s say buying a home is one of your goals. You can break down the amount that you need to buy the home, and create small goals of how much you’d like to earn per month to finally purchase a home. As you learn new ways to achieve your goals and new insights, it’s ok to adjust your steps of achieving your goal.

Make A Plan

The next step is to figure out how to achieve your goals. This could be saving every month to buy your dream house/car or to start a business, or maybe even investing or buying real estate. Take the time to make a well thought out, detailed plan for how you intend to reach your goals.

Don’t Stop Learning

If you’re taking on a new trade to achieve the life you want, don’t stop learning about the trade. Before you begin a new endeavor, educate yourself thoroughly on it. For example, if you want to begin investing, learn the mechanics of your chosen field so you won’t waste your time, lose money, and end up giving up. Always learn how your trade works before you take the plunge. This might require an investment of your money and your time to get educated, but it’s usually worth it.
Even after you’re educated on your chosen trade, don’t stop learning. Commit to learning and staying updated on your industry. You can do this by watching the news, watching documentaries, reading books, and surrounding yourself with people that are knowledgeable about your interests. Keep expanding your knowledge in any and every way you possibly can and never think you’ve learned enough. This will help you keep your mind open, stay sharp, and intelligent in your field and about the world.


No one is self-made. No matter how successful a person is, they had a little help. Connections are powerful, so be sure to involve yourself in the community of your field. Get to know your business peers and seek out a mentor. Networking is important because you never know when an opportunity might arise through someone you know.

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