Simple & Affordable Outdoor Date Night Ideas Anyone Can Enjoy


Date nights can seem like a chore when your go-to move is dinner and a movie, or dinner and dancing, or dinner and game night. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good couples game night. But when your date night activity becomes a monthly routine, it can put the ‘B’ in boring. This goes for married couples and courting couples.

The entire point of dating your partner is to keep the excitement alive and escape the routine of making breakfast, going to work, picking up the kids, having dinner, making love and going to bed. By adding a Friday night flick to that every other week can get a little redundant. Even if you both enjoy it now, it’s only a matter of time before one person gets bored, and you want to prevent boredom from entering your relationship.

Get out of the dinner and           rut, with these alternative outdoor date night ideas.

Take a Hike

Together, of course! There are trails available for any level from beginner to expert. Choose a trail with gorgeous scenery that suits you and your abilities and hit the road. There will be plenty of time to get lost in conversation—and who knows—maybe on the trail too.

Have a Roast

There are no ‘yo momma’ jokes in this idea, although those can be fun too. I’m thinking more of a s’mores, hotdogs and wine kind of night. Turn on the fire pit and crank up the heat on your evening in. It may even involve a slight roasting on who burnt their marshmallow to a crisp.

Take the Games to the Park

Pack up the puzzles, cards and board games and take them to your picnic. Wine goes great with Uno, especially when you’re both good sports with a competitive streak. Find a cozy tree, enjoy a beautiful day in the park and relax with one another. I also want to challenge you to try eating something new for lunch and experience it together.

Go on a Weekend Road Trip

You can escape your local digs without going too far. Turn your date night into a weekend away in another city or state. You can choose to stop at cool restaurants and sights along the way, or head straight to your destination and get familiar with a new city.

My favorite part of these simple ideas is that it keeps the friendship alive in your relationship. You and your partner have these opportunities to bond with one another, laugh with each other and experience new things in life together. Whether you want to splurge or keep it low-key, you can still plan an intimate date and continue to builds a lasting connection between in you both.

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