3 Reasons Why You Gain Weight in a New Relationship and How to Avoid It

They call it happy weight, but is it really?

Six months down the line when you’re getting ready for another date, and you realize your favorite jeans feel a tad more snug than usual, you may not feel so happy. There are a number of reasons why we gain weight when we find someone that makes us smile at just the simple thought of them.

If you’re in that ‘happy and he/she can do no wrong’ stage, you may identify with some of these scenarios. And if you’re deep into a relationship, or focusing on yourself, think back to the time when you were in this phase.

  1. You’re Wining and Dining Regularly

A major part of dating someone new is going out or staying in to get to know one another. Either way, these dates normally involve food, and many times the couple isn’t ordering baked salmon with a side of quinoa and kale. Whether you’re eating out or ordering in, you’re most likely indulging in comfort foods and cocktails.

Fix: Set a limit on the number of nights per month that you will both eat out. Then plan other interactive date nights that involve activities, like bowling, tennis, dancing or hiking. You can even attend a cooking class that promotes healthy recipes or have date nights where you both cook a healthy dish together. Occasionally swap your cocktails for tea, or go on coffee dates. This will help you both mix things up in your relationship, so you don’t get stuck in a routine.

  1. You’re Ditching Gym Days for Date Days

Spending time with your new beau often takes priority over other extracurricular activities in your life, like the gym. It can be easy to miss a couple of gym sessions to accommodate the new man/woman in your life. But when a couple turns into three weeks in a row, it can be harder to get back into your fitness regimen.

Fix: This is a simple fix. Go to the gym together and motivate one another to stick to a routine. Of course, you’re not always going to be able to do every session together, but this will help you avoid skipping the gym so often to see one another. If you need to compromise with your schedule, you can also cut one session a week down to 30 minutes.

  1. You Don’t Need to Impress Anyone New

Many people believe that because they aren’t looking to attract anyone new and they’re being showered with daily compliments that the work is over. There’s no need to make much more of an effort. We’ve gotten over the hump of trying to appear absolutely perfect, and now that we’re a bit more comfortable with one another, there’s no need to make that much of an effort.

Fix: This is where many couples go wrong. When you both met, there were certain things attracted your partner to you and vice versa. So when you stop making significant changes like, going to the gym, reading, spending time with friends and family, enjoying your hobby, you’re stripping away the things that he/she liked about you. It may not be apparent to them at first, but one day they will feel like you’ve changed and you may even feel the same.

And let’s not avoid the subject of physical appearance. Sure your partner is supposed to like or love you for who you are. But it’s also important to want to continue to impress your partner, through the courting stage, through your engagement, and through your marriage. This is a key contributor to helping you maintain a happy, healthy and exciting long-term relationship.

If you or your partner is having a bad day, these two activities can help to lift your spirits.

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